1. Overview & Concepts
  2. Overview

Your users can manage their own accounts and teams with our hosted UIs and our libraries provide you with all the building blocks to add advanced authentication to your product including multiple authentication options, 2FA, SAML, RBAC, and more.

How does it work?

After signing up, you will have a dedicated, hosted authentication service. While PropelAuth hosts this service, it is fully customizable and will appear under your domain name so it feels like part of your application.

This hosted service includes self-service portals for your end users to sign up for your product, invite their coworkers, set up SAML connections, and manage roles (RBAC) within their organization.

From there, you can integrate your frontend and backend with your authentication service. This allows your code to do things like distinguishing logged-in users from logged-out users, check if a user is at least an admin of an organization, or make/handle HTTP requests on behalf of your users.