PropelAuth provides hosted UIs and frontend libraries, but what about the backend?

On the backend, we provide libraries for languages like Node, Python, and Rust. We then also provide more specific libraries for frameworks like Express (node), FastAPI (python), Flask (python), etc.

These libraries provide abstractions for common backend use cases like:

  • “Only allow users that are logged in to call this API”
  • “Only allow users that are Admins of this organization to call this API”
  • “Block this user”
  • “Fetch all users in an organization”

Essentially, every backend library has two components to it:

  • Functions for authentication/authorization - making sure the user has permission to perform some action
  • APIs on top of PropelAuth - fetch user information, modify/create users, change roles, etc.

The getting started guide provides detailed examples for your framework of choice.