What is my test environment for?

Your test environment enables you to test your integration locally without messing with production data.

Your test environment is set up to allow requests from localhost, so you can develop locally, whereas your production environment allows requests only from your domain.

What happens if I want to switch auth providers in the future?

No problem. We can provide a full export of your user data upon request.

Can I migrate from another provider?

Absolutely! See our guide about migrations here. Since every provider is different, we can also manually help with the migration process. Get in touch at support@propelauth.com.

I logged in to my test environment but my frontend doesn’t say I’m logged in

For privacy reasons, some browsers will restrict sending cookies across domains. In your production environment, this isn’t an issue because you have a custom domain (https://auth.yourdomain.com).

This can be an issue for your test environment which sends requests from localhost to your test environment (e.g. https://yourid.propelauthtest.com). Resolving this is different in each browser.

In Firefox, for example, if you have enabled Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection, you’ll need to disable it just for localhost by clicking the shield next to the url like this:

This is only applicable locally for some configurations of some browsers. Your end users will not need to do this.