PropelAuth Documentation

PropelAuth provides end-to-end managed user authentication specializing in B2B use cases. Your users can manage their own accounts and teams with our hosted UIs and our libraries provide you with all the building blocks to add advanced authentication to your product including multiple authentication options, 2FA, SAML, RBAC, and more.

Getting started

To get started, check out our quickstart guide, which will show you how to set up your frontend and backend. You can choose your frameworks(currentlyand) which will personalize each quickstart guide to your specific stack.

Example Apps

React & FastAPI Example

Full-stack application using React (or Next.js) and FastAPI (python).

Streamlit Example

Learn how to add authentication to your Streamlit app.

React & Axum Example

Who doesn't love Rust? Build a full-stack application using React and Axum.

Supabase & Next.js Example

Set up authentication that works with Supabase and is flexible as your stack changes.

Popular Resources

Migrating to PropelAuth

Learn how to migrate to PropelAuth from another authentication provider, without impacting your users.

User Impersonation

Learn about user impersonation and the safety/alerting features that come with it.

API Key / M2M

Learn how to use PropelAuth for API Key authentication.

SAML / Enterprise SSO

Learn how you can enable your users to setup SAML SSO - without changing your code at all.