Atlassian - Social login (SSO) configuration

Enabling Sign in with Atlassian only requires two fields: Client ID and Client Secret. Both of these are provided by Atlassian, and these steps will help you create them.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Atlassian Developer Console and create an account if you do not have one already.

  2. Click on Create and select OAuth 2.0 Integration.

Atlassian Developer Console

  1. Name your app and click Create.

  2. Navigate to the Permissions page and click Add for the User identity API.

Adding Identity API

  1. Navigate to the Authorization page and add the OAuth 2.0 (3LO) Authorization type.

Adding OAuth2 Authorization

  1. Here, add one of the Authorized redirect URLs found in your PropelAuth dashboard. Atlassian only accepts one callback URL, so make sure to update this when you're done testing and ready to go live.

PropelAuth Atlassian SSO Config

  1. Next, navigate to the Settings page and copy/paste the Client ID and Secret from Atlassian over to PropelAuth.

Atlassian ClientID and Secret

And that's it! When you go to your hosted authentication pages, you should see the Sign in with Atlassian button.