QuickBooks Online - Social login (SSO) configuration

Enabling Sign in with QuickBooks only requires two fields: Client ID and Client Secret. Both of these are provided by QuickBooks, and these steps will help you create them.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Create an account with Intuit Developer then navigate to the dashboard https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/dashboard

  2. Press Create an app.

  3. Select QuickBooks Online and Payments.

  4. Name your app and select the com.intuit.quickbooks.accounting scope. Then, click Create app.

Name your app

  1. On the left side, locate the Production Settings section and click on Keys & credentials. You'll have to go through each step to publish your app. This doc from Intuit covers each required step.

Complete all required steps

  1. After completing each step you'll be able to find your Client ID and Client Secret under the Production Settings section. Copy and paste these into PropelAuth.

  2. You can also copy/paste your Redirect URIs from PropelAuth into QuickBooks.

Copy and paste your Client Id and Client Secret

  1. Click Save in both QuickBooks and PropelAuth.

And that's it! When you go to your hosted authentication pages, you should see the Sign in with QuickBooks button.