Slack - Social login (SSO) configuration

Enabling Sign in with Slack only requires two fields: Client ID and Client Secret. Both of these are provided by Slack, and these steps will help you create them.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Start by going to

  2. If you don't have one already, click Create An App and follow the instructions to create one.

click create an app

  1. When prompted, select the From scratch option.

display information

  1. After creating an App, you can configure what your users will see in the Display Information section.

locate client_id and client_secret

  1. In the App Credentials section of your Slack application, you will see a Client ID and Client Secret.

add client_id and secret here

  1. Back in your PropelAuth project, under Social Logins, you enter your Client ID and Client Secret for Slack.

click permissions

  1. After entering those values, note the callback URLs that PropelAuth provides. PropelAuth handles the OAuth flow on your behalf, so all we have to do is tell Slack to allow these callback URLs.

  2. Click Permissions under Building Apps for Slack.


  1. Under Redirect URLs, enter PropelAuth's provided URL(s).

And that's it! When you go to your hosted authentication pages, you should see the Sign in with Slack button.