Organizations are groups of your users that will use your product together. These are also referred to as companies, tenants, teams, workspaces, or shared accounts. Let’s say you are building a product that helps people create and share documents internally. Your customers might include:

  • A two-person startup
  • A fast-growing 50-person tech company
  • A hobbyist using you by themselves, but who might get more employees someday
  • A large enterprise

Each of these would be an organization within your product, managed by PropelAuth.

Creation & Configuration

Organizations within PropelAuth are flexible and can be configured to meet your unique product needs. In fact, you don't even have to call them organizations!

Org name settings

Other configuration options include:

  • If PropelAuth project uses organizations at all
  • Who can create organizations
  • Maximum number of orgs per username
  • Maximum of users per org
  • Roles & permissions

For more details on how you can configure organizations to meet your use case, check out our Advanced Guide to Orgs.

Organization Management

Individual organizations can be managed in two ways: by your employees via the PropelAuth dashboard and by your users via the hosted pages.

Management options include:

  • Creating new orgs
  • Adding or inviting users to orgs
  • Modifying the role a user has within an org
  • Setting up SAML/enterprise SSO for an org
  • Require 2FA for an org

For more details on organization management, check out our Advanced Guide to Orgs.