User Metadata

By default, the only required field a user needs is an email address. There are a few more options to customize the user experience. They can be found under User Schema in the sidebar.

Enabling an extra field has a few effects:

  • Your signup page will now also ask for that field (except for profile picture, where we start them off with a default).

enable name

  • Users that sign in via passwordless login (which only asks for email address), will be asked to provide the extra field when they first sign up.
  • Existing users will be asked to fill in that field when they next sign up.
  • Your users can update those fields on your hosted account pages.

Custom Metadata

Other than the inherent properties discussed in the section above this, you can also add custom metadata to your user objects. By using our functions, you can add on a JSON object to the new “metadata” field, and this can be anything you want! This feature also exists for organizations, so you can add custom metadata there as well.



    await auth.updateUserMetadata("3954c1a9-8575-4a24-9d3a-aa66f4be7511", {
        metadata: {
            "user_testing_group": "A",

    // later on...
    const user = await auth.fetchUserMetadataByUserId("3954c1a9-8575-4a24-9d3a-aa66f4be7511")


        email: '',
        metadata: { user_testing_group: 'A' },
        locked: false,
        enabled: true,
        mfaEnabled: false,
        createdAt: 1680895145,
        lastActiveAt: 1682024563