PropelAuth provides signup, login, profile/account, and team management pages so you don’t have to worry about building them. These will also handle advanced cases like enrolling users in 2FA, collecting additional metadata, and more.

PropelAuth’s prebuilt dashboard is a management tool that has everything you and your team need to configure your authentication preferences, manage users, and configure organizations, all in one place.

B2B Tools

users page of the dashboard

From the dashboard, you can view, create, and manage your users, organizations, and API Keys. At a glance you can find important information like which organizations specific users are members of, or if an organization can create SAML connections.


org settings page of the dashboard

You can customize the settings on a project level basis through various configuration tools. Everything from custom roles and permissions, to adjusting the style of our hosted UI’s, to creating webhooks, can be done through the dashboard.


backend integration page on the dashboard

From the dashboard, you configure all aspects of integrating your product with PropelAuth, from setting up the URL for your hosted pages, to the redirect pats after successfull logins, to creating keys for backend integrations.