Hosted Pages

PropelAuth provides you with a set of hosted pages for common authentication and user management flows. This means you can get up and running without having to worry about building out a new set of UIs for your product. These will also handle advanced cases like enrolling users in 2FA, collecting additional metadata, and more.


Your hosted pages can be customized to match your branding. "External" pages, such as signup and login can be customized separately from "internal" pages, such as Account and Org management. You can customize your page via the Look & Feel section of the PropelAuth admin dashboard.

We offer a variety of customization options. Some examples of pages that have been created with our editor:

Look & feel

Full List of Hosted Pages

The full list of use cases that the hosted pages support is:

  • Signup (password, passwordless, and social)
  • Login (password, passwordless, social, and SAML)
  • Onboarding - Ask users to specify additional information like first/last name before they are fully set up
  • Email confirmation pages (confirm my email/resend email confirmation)
  • Forgotten password pages (I forgot my password/update my forgotten password)
  • Update account information
  • Enable/Disable 2FA
  • Upload profile picture
  • Update password, email, user metadata
  • Social login OAuth redirect pages
  • Create / Join organizations
  • Manage organizations (invite new users, manage user’s roles within an org, remove users from org)
  • Display pending organization invitations (and accept/reject them)
  • SAML setup via wizards
  • Testing the SAML connection
  • API Key Authentication