The guides documentation covers common use cases like setting a custom user schema, setting up SSO / Social Logins, and integrations - like getting a Slack alert when a user signs up.



Get notified when new users sign up for your app


Identify and understand what your customers want


Receive HTTP requests when actions occur

StripeComing soon

Link your Organizations to Stripe customers


Custom User Properties

Create your own custom properties to store information about your users


Create, update, and manage organizations in your app

Redirecting Users

Redirect your users to the right place after they login

Testing Your Backend

Use and test the PropelAuth libraries in your application

Migrating Users to PropelAuth

Migrate users from an existing auth source to PropelAuth

SSO / Social Logins

Enable social logins to make signing up for your app even easier

Send Your Own Emails

Send emails from your own provider