OAuth2 Support

PropelAuth’s typical integration is through our frontend and backend libraries. In some cases, it’s simpler to integrate with frameworks that have OAuth2 support already built in. This guide will document how to get started with OAuth2. If you're looking for our OAuth2 API endpoints, check out our OAuth2 reference docs.

OAuth2 Configuration

Navigating to OAuth2 Dashboard Page

You can find the Client ID and Client Secret by heading over to the Frontend Integration page, clicking on Advanced Settings followed by Edit OAuth Config. Here, we can generate a Client ID and Client Secret as well as set your Redirect URI(s).

OAuth2 Dashboard Page

You can also generate a new Client Secret at any time by clicking the reload icon to the right of the Client ID.

Next Steps

Now that we have set your Redirect URIs and generated a Client ID and Client Secret, move onto the OAuth2 API reference guide to start the OAuth2 login flow.