Social Login (OAuth) API Reference

You can enable login via Social Login providers like Google/GitHub/LinkedIn etc. for your users by following this guide. The hosted pages will then include a button for your users to be able to login via these providers.

If you want to provide a link from your product directly, specify additional scopes, or if you want to receive the OAuth tokens returned by the provider, you can use the APIs below.

Login with OAuth Provider

This redirects the user to the OAuth provider's login page. This should be done in the browser.

You can optionally specify additional scopes, additional query parameters, and a redirect URL to send the user to after they have logged in.

Provider Names

You must specify which OAuth provider you are logging in with, current options include:

  • google
  • github
  • linkedin
  • microsoft
  • slack
  • salesforce
  • xero
  • quickbooks
  • atlassian
  • outreach
  • salesloft
  • apple

Query Parameters

  • Name

    Additional scopes to request from the OAuth provider, separated by spaces. We automatically add any scopes needed for login (e.g. email openid profile).

  • Name

    Additional query parameters to pass to the OAuth provider.

  • Name

    The URL to redirect the user to after they have finished logging in. We handle the callback of the OAuth provider and redirect the user to this URL. The URL needs to be base64 encoded.




Fetch User OAuth Tokens

Fetches a user's OAuth information if they logged in through a social OAuth provider. You can then use the included bearer token to make requests with the social provider. This should be done on your backend.


  • Name
    userId *
    The user's ID


At the moment, only cURL is available for this request.

Successful Response

At the moment, only cURL is available for this request.