Posthog Integration

PostHog is an all-in-one tool to help product teams understand their users in order to ensure they’re building the best features for them. If you're using Posthog, you can set up an integration so we can identify users on your behalf as well as pass over custom user properties.

Set Up

First, you'll need a PostHog account. Once you have that, go to the Integrations page on the PropelAuth dashboard and enter your PostHog Project API key and Project ID. You can optionally enter an API Host in case you have a more advanced setup.

Posthog Set Up

How the Integration Works

When you enable the integration, we will automatically identify users when they sign up or log in. We also include any custom user properties that you choose to sync (e.g. their name, how they found out about you, etc.)

We will continuously keep your users’ information up to date in PostHog. Did they update their email? PostHog will reflect the change immediately and include an event so you can see when the user updated their email.

As an example, here, we enabled the “How did you find out about us?” custom property (called referral_source) in PropelAuth. This is automatically added to our signup page and collected for all new users. We can then use PostHog to see retention based on the self-reported referral source:

Posthog Set Up

You can also get directly to an individual user's data in Posthog by using the 3-dot menu from the Users page:

Posthog Set Up