At A Glance

When you open the dashboard, you’re greeted with the metrics you care about. Here, we display the total number of users, the total number of organizations, and the number of user signups, active users and active organizations for the current and previous month.

metrics on the dashboard

User Insights

Under User Insights, you can view reports around Churned and Reengaged Users and Organizations.

User Insights are a paid feature. While you can use this feature in your Test environment, you must be on a paid plan in order to view these reports in Production.

user insights tab

The Churned Users report displays the users that have not been active in the last 7, 14, or 30 days, and the Churned Organizations report displays organizations where every member of that organization hasn’t been active in those same periods. These reports identify which users and organizations have not used your product during specific time frames, which means you can then reach out to try and reengage them.

churned users insights tab

Our reengagement reports let you see if those efforts are successful! The Reengaged Users report displays the users who have used your product in the last week or month and were inactive in previous week or month. The Reengaged Organizations report displays the organizations where where all of the users were previously inactive, but now at least one user in that organization has returned.

reengaged users insights tab